Cypress River Agriculture Society

Cypress River Agriculture Society


Cypress River Agriculture Society has developed, beautified and improved the camp grounds on the Society’s grounds.   With this development it will help promote tourism and recreation within our community.

NO use of the campground for the period of time one week prior to Fair day, and for one week afterwards.  For 2023, this time period is inclusive of July 9th to 22nd, to allow for set-up and clean-up for the 128th Agricultural Fair.

The electrical sites have 5-15 amp and 5-30 amp plugs for campers.  A dump station with water hookup was installed.  Picnic tables and benches have been added on the grounds. 

Camping Fees at the Agricultural Grounds:

(There is a drop box for money deposit on West side of the Agriculture Building-Payable to Cypress River Agricultural Society), (Envelopes available).

Campers pay for each & every day/night they are set up.   *Same regulations as at any park.                                                                                                 

1 night - $10.00 without hydro

1 night - $20.00 with hydro   

*NOTE:   The 5–15 amp plugs cannot accommodate trailer air conditioning.

 For information, contact Valerie Truelove, Phone/Fax:  204-743-2123

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